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ID / OD clamps for machining

ID/OD holding clamps for odd shaped workpiece

FORM HOLDING CLAMPS Clamp any shape!

Hold workpieces on the ID or OD using machinable jaws.

For OD clamping, the jaws are machined to custom fit the workpiece, whose central bottom part is pulled down and the 8 jaw sections tilt toward the center for clamping.

For ID clamping, the workpiece is placed over ID jaws, which expand outward using a tapered pin.


Clamp Body: Electroless Nickel Plated Steel, Machinable Jaws: Anodized Aluminum


CP125's, CP126's, CP127's


  • 2002 Senbiki, Seki, Gifu 501-3954, Japan
  • Imao Corporation