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NEW: thunderstorm detector by Indelec


StorMonitor provides to users useful storm detection alert information in a detection radius up to 15 km which may be directly or indirectly dangerous to persons, equipment and to the environment.

On average, these alarms provide a lightning strike warning time of 15 to 30 minutes to users.

StorMonitor withstands twice the maximum value requested by standard EN 61000-4-4, as regards immunity to electromagnetic radiation.

Installation and operation:

StorMonitor includes two parts:

1. The antenna

- Integrated in a polyester waterproof and shockproof case with UV protection coat.

- May be installed inside or outside.

- Contains an electromagnetic receiver.

- Connected to the signal and lightning alert processing unit through a shielded cable.

2. The signal processing and lightning alert unit:

- Integrated in a metal case

- Processes the signal provided by the antenna through an analogue three-stage

filtering system.

- Extracts and identifies the main electromagnetic components that characterise

lightning strikes in order to differentiate useful electromagnetic signals from interference signals.

- Continuously displays the intensity of lightning strikes and stormy activity in real time on a bar graph and on 3 LEDs.

- Activates a sound alarm (buzzer) when a pre-determined alert threshold has been reached and and activates the dry contact relay of the output SubD 9 connector.

StorMonitors power supply should be protected against overvoltage. This protection must be ensured by a Type 2surge protection cabinet (In = 10 kA, Up < 2.5 kV - e.g.: Indelec P8516).


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