NEW: MOSFET gate driver by Infineon Technologies - Sensors

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The OptiMOS™ Driver products PX3517 and PX3519 are high speed drivers, designed to drive a wide range of dual high side and low side n-channel power MOSFETs in applications such as Computing and Telecom Point of Load (PoL).

Combining the new devices with Primarion family of DigitalMulti-phase Controller ICs or Digital Point of Load Controller ICs and Infineon N-channel MOSFETs, the new devices form a complete core-voltage regulator solution for advanced micro and graphic processors as well as point-of-load applications.

To tailor the efficiency of the system based on the customer conditions and needs, the OptiMOS™ Driver devices provide the capability of driving the high-side gate and low-side gate with a variable gate driving voltage ranging from 4.5V up to 8V.

OptiMOS™ Driver PX3515 and PX3516

Advanced smart-power IC technology enabling high-speed intelligent gate drivers for high-current DC-DC conversion at best efficiency.

NEW: MOSFET gate driver by Infineon Technologies - Sensors

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