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The Brazilian ceramic sector chooses Stretch Hood

INNOVA MAQUINARIA is back from Expo Revestir 2019, in São Paulo, with a record number of visitors, clients and partners and the conclusion that the Brazilian ceramic sector is increasingly relying on innovative and sustainable technologies to protect its products. Visitors to Expo Revestir, the most important ceramic fair in Brazil, could see first hand the advantages of the Stretch Hood packaging system at the booth of Innova and its local partner Servitech. As a novelty, Innova showcased an example of Stretch Hood wrapping, with a pallet courtesy of their client Pamesa Do Brasil, which was very acclaimed among the visitors.

The Brazilian sector demands automated and efficient solutions for its end of line, as evidenced by the numerous queries received at the Innova and Servitech’s booth. The Stretch Hood system is already a well proven alternative and recognized by the Construction Materials sector for its protection, efficiency, savings, safety and quality of final packaging. In fact, one of the main concerns of the Brazilian industry is to have a solution that offers greater automation and solves its problems of total product protection against external agents. In addition, visitors were very interested in the savings that can be achieved with Stretch Hood, of up to 50% less consumables than other similar systems.

√ Innova and Servitech, the ideal combination in Brazil

With this edition of Expo Revestir Innova consolidates even more its presence in the country, where it already has several clients from the ceramic sector. Together with its specialized partner Servitech, Innova not only markets its packaging machinery but also offers local technical support with spare parts and maintenance service. In fact, the combination of Innova's technology and Servitech's technical support service make both the ideal partner for its ceramic customers and other sectors.

√ With Pamesa Do Brasil in Expo Revestir

One of the premises of Innova is the closeness with their customers, and an example of this is the trust and long-term relationship with customers such as Grupo Pamesa. For this reason, Innova was proud to exhibit at the fair a pallet of Pamesa Do Brasil wrapped with Stretch Hood from Innova. In addition to serving as an example of the type of wrapping, the product was exhibited with an inclination of 10º, in simulation of one of their InnovaLAB tests, to demonstrate the resistance and protection of Stretch Hood packaging to handle and transport the product. Visitors to the Innova and Servitech booth were able to see live both the quality of Stretch Hood and the possibilities for customization and brand promotion offered by Stretch Hood film.

√ Objective Sustainability: Innova’s Commitment to the Environment

One of the work areas of Expo Revestir was that of Sustainability in the ceramic sector: From collections that are more respectful of the environment, through the use of renewable energies to more sustainable machinery, among others. In this area, Innova has much to contribute, as its packaging line is developed with more efficient technologies that reduce CO2 emissions. Innova's Stretch Hood system enables a lower energy consumption and reduces the use of film by up to 50% compared to other solutions. Stretch Hood also avoids plastic waste, as it uses only the strictly necessary film for wrapping, adapting to the load measurements.

Definitely, Expo Revestir 2019 has been one of the best editions for Innova and the one in which their confirmed both our presence in Brazil and their relationship with in country partners and customers.

Innova's Booth at Expo Revestir
Innova's Booth at Expo Revestir

Innova exhibited the advantages of Stretch Hood to the Brazilian Ceramic sector

Innova & Servitech Teams

Together with its specialized partner Servitech, Innova markets its packaging machinery in Brasil but also offers local technical support with spare parts and maintenance service

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