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Innovalia Metrology launches a webinar program to train Industry professionals in Metrology: M3 and M3MH

After launching a M3 training program for its customers and partners, Innovalia Metrology takes the step of offering metrological training to other professionals in of the field by opening the doors for specialists to new technology and cutting-edge Metrology solutions.

Innovaia Metrology launches a program of 3 webinars that will begin on May 14th, with the aim to continue training professionals in the Metrology field.

The Basque company will provide intensive training on M3MH, Machine Tool Metrology that will make them discover how to reduce time in the preparation of parts, ensure the quality of machining or optimize machining strategies, among other advantages. The training will consist of 3 webinars of 1-hour length that will take place on May 14, 21st and 28th.

Thanks to these intensive webinars, the attendees will be able to learn techniques that will allow them to reduce the time of placing parts, the cost and complexity of the tools, perform iterative alignments to achieve greater precision in machining, measure a part within their own MH using geometric and dimensional tolerances, measure at the end or during the machining process itself, generating reports in different coordinate systems and they will even learn to quickly check the status of their MH.

Thanks to M3MH, the complete measurement software for machine tool from Innovalia Metrology that allows to shorten manufacturing times by introducing a complete metrological software in machine tools. M3MH, in addition to making possible the inspection of the part inside the machine, allows the user to carry out the verification and set up from an intuitive graphical interface with direct connection to their CNC.

With M3MH, Innovalia Metrology allows direct communication between the machine tool control and the measurement software itself breaking this way with the current paradigm of packaging functions and offering them in groups. Innovalia Metrology is offering a complete measurement software that allows the user to direct the machine tool from their computer, from a software with an intuitive graphical interface that allows to carry out all the functions: Verification, Set up and measurement.

Innovalia Metrology gives the opportunity to discover a technology that optimizes machining processes thanks to the optimal positioning of the part, the measurements within the machine tool itself during the process and the ability to verify it before the machining proccess.

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  • Bilbao, Biscay, Spain

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