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IST AG’s new Moisture-in-Oil Sensor

Ideal for the continuous monitoring of water content in industrial oils

Oil is the lifeblood of many industrial plants and machines. It is used for cooling, lubrication, insulation, and power transmission. To operate a gearbox, a transformer or an industrial plant safely and stable over a long period of time, it is often necessary to monitor the condition of the lubricants with the support of sensor technology.

With its robust and compact screw-in stainless steel housing, the new Moisture-in-Oil sensor is ideal for use in an industrial environment. Via a universal, digital electronic interface (I2C), the sensor can be easily integrated into various measuring and monitoring systems. The sensor is delivered temperature compensated and calibrated and a test board with analog (0-10V) outputs is also available for evaluation purposes. Customer orientation is a major focus at IST AG, hence IST AG offers application-specific assembly and calibration solutions to manufacturers of measuring instruments for this sensor.


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