High performance Type 4X outdoor equipment enclosures

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An extended range of Type 4X outdoor equipment enclosures that comply with CSA, UL and NEMA standards is available from Intertec. Manufactured from proprietary GRP (glass reinforced polyester), they combine high performance environmental protection capabilities with exemplary long-term resistance to corrosion. They are ideal for instrumentation and electrical equipment sited in marine and coastal areas, where salt atmospheres can severely damage steel cabinets.

An additional advantage is that they provide superior protection when used in a Class I, Division 2 or Class I, Zone 2 hazardous area to protect equipment that does not constitute a source of ignition. Typical applications include housing non-arcing connections and connection devices.

Following qualification testing by the Canadian Standards Association (CSA), Intertec’s MULTIBOX and DIABOX enclosures are now available in Type 4X versions that comply with the relevant parts of the CAN/CSA C22.2 No 94.2-07, UL 50/50E and US NEMA 250 standards for electrical equipment enclosures. All these standards stipulate that enclosures must provide enhanced protection against corrosion, as well as other environmental effects.

Intertec MULTIBOX and DIABOX are popular choices for housing field process monitoring and control equipment. Offering capacities from 25 to 277 liters, they are designed for convenient mounting on walls/panels or pipe stands.

Intertec goes to great lengths to ensure that these Type 4X enclosures maintain their IP ratings under extreme or fast-changing weather conditions. For example, if a hot enclosure is subjected to a stream of cold water, as might be the case during a sudden thunderstorm in a hot climate, air inside can cool and contract. In a conventional unvented enclosure, this can create a partial vacuum causing air – and water – to be sucked past the seals. To prevent this, Intertec's enclosures have a special waterproof ‘breather’ that equalizes pressure.

Intertec’s GRP is a relatively inert material that has enormous advantages over the sheet metal commonly used for enclosures. It is highly stable and virtually immune to the affects of salt and most common petrochemicals and airborne pollutants. GRP has a similar strength to stainless steel but is about 75% lighter. For applications in extremely cold climates, enclosures are available in ‘arctic’ versions suitable temperatures as low as -60C.

High performance Type 4X outdoor equipment enclosures

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