Explosion-proof shelter for mobile fertilizer plant reclaimer

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Dust-free air inside the shelter

The project calls for a large bulk buffer store of granulated urea to be held in a new warehouse downstream of the production plant, in readiness for overseas shipment and distribution to the domestic market. Over 300 metres long, the warehouse will be equipped with a large portal scraper reclaimer supplied by the Indian subsidiary of Tenova TAKRAF, the leading German manufacturer of specialist surface mining and bulk materials handling equipment.

The portal scraper reclaimer is a completely self-contained mobile bulk materials handling system that can move along the entire length of the product storage area, transferring the granulated urea onto an outgoing conveyor belt that also runs the length of the warehouse. The dust that is created by moving the urea during routine storage and reclamation is combustible and can form an explosive mix with air, which means that all electrical equipment in the warehouse must either be explosion proof in its own right, or contained within an explosion proof environment. For the portal reclaimer, Tenova sought a solution that would protect the machine''s operator and all its electrical control equipment by creating a tightly sealed environment that is maintained slightly above atmospheric pressure to prevent the ingress of dust.

Tenova approached Intertec because its Indian subsidiary was experiencing difficulty sourcing an air-tight shelter that met the necessary safety and performance standards. Clean, dust-free air for the shelter is supplied by a compressor and filter unit located outside the warehouse, which is fed to a point midway along the portal reclaimer''s path of travel and then via a 150 metre long flexible hose to the shelter''s air inlet port.

Explosion-proof shelter for mobile fertilizer plant reclaimer

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