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Tiger Handheld VOC Detector

Model Comparison

ION Science – an industry-leading manufacturer of photoionization detection (PID) sensors – offers portable, handheld gas detectors, like the Tiger, to support the need for convenient, reliable monitoring and data-logging for ease of use across various industries.

Portable gas detection should be lightweight and may be designed for a single substance or can be fitted with multiple sensors–increasing company productivity while minimizing downtime and worksite accidents.

Tiger Handheld VOC Detector: Model Comparison - ION ScienceThe Tiger series of handheld gas detectors incorporates ION Science patented PID technology with humidity resistance and anti-contamination design, proven to dramatically extend run time in the field.

This series of VOC detectors is designed for the rapid and accurate detection of VOCs within a variety of applications, such as environmental screening, hazardous materials handling, arson investigation, hazmat response, confined space entry, indoor air quality (IAQ) monitoring, and regulatory compliance.

With three models featuring different distinct benefits, you may be wondering which will best suit your application. Here’s the breakdown:

Tiger LT

The Tiger LT is a low-cost VOC Detector with market leading accuracy.

Detects gases from 0 to 5,000 ppm with a 0.1 ppm minimum sensitivity

Fastest response time on the market of just two seconds

Entry level VOC detector with all the essential functions


The Tiger provides rapid, accurate detection of VOCs with exceptional resistance to humidity and contamination.

Detects VOCs from 0 to 20,000 ppm with a 0.001 ppm minimum sensitivity

Resistant to humidity and contamination

User-friendly and intuitive with long-life rechargeable Li-ion batteries

Tiger Select

The Tiger Select rapidly detects Benzene and Total Aromatic Compounds (TACs).

Selectively detects benzene with ION Science pre-filter tube

Displays real-time data of benzene concentrations down to ppb levels

Utilizes a 10.0 eV detection system, allowing a reading for TACs on start-up

Tiger Handheld VOC Detector: Model Comparison

Download our complete comparison document HERE.

For more information on the Tiger series from ION Science, visit or contact our team today at (877) 864-7710.


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