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Protection Against Hydrogen Sulfide Exposure

Despite advances in health and safety strategies and personal protective equipment (PPE), hydrogen sulfide was still responsible for 46 worker deaths between 2011 and 2017, according to the USA Bureau of Labour Statistics.

Mitigating the risk of hydrogen sulfide exposure is something ION Science is keen to emphasize, which is why we created the ARA H2S Single Gas Detector to be an essential piece of PPE that can make a huge difference in protecting workers against hydrogen sulfide exposure.

At both low and high concentrations, hydrogen sulfide poses serious risks to a worker’s health. Exposure to high concentrations can result in a ‘knockdown’, where workers are overcome and collapse due to too much exposure to the toxic gas – leading to death in some cases. Low concentrations can also cause respiratory issues. The impact of hydrogen sulfide is increased when areas are confined, such as wells, pits, pipes, tankers, tunnels, and service hatches. As a gas commonly present in industries such as oil and gas refining, mining, pulp and paper processing, and sewage and wastewater management, ensuring there is always appropriate protection for workers from hydrogen sulfide. This offers a wider occupational safety approach that also reduces exposure, risk and injury.

The ARA H2S Single Gas Detector is a continuous monitoring device that operates for 24/36 months from activation. It is maintenance-free, intrinsically safe and offers three alarm notifications in the event H2S exposure exceeds safe limits: a flashing light, audible alarm, and vibration. These alarms are adjustable to high and low settings for user preferences. Calibration and bump test reminders also ensure that the user’s device is up to date and operating at appropriate levels of safety. Lightweight with a sturdy attachment for wearing within the breathing zone, the ARA H2S Single Gas Detector is designed for workers’ convenience and protection against the risks of hydrogen sulfide exposure.


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