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Fixed Gas Detection Instruments for Industrial Pollution Monitoring

Recently, companies have been challenged to reduce the impact of industrial activity through effective monitoring of emissions and gases, such as plastics manufacturing, oil and gas refining, chemical production, and more.

Government regulations regarding industrial pollution monitoring believe effective monitoring solutions are the right step in ensuring compliance with environmental, health, and safety laws.

Fixed gas detection solutions from ION Science are designed with industrial applications in mind, being the ideal choice for businesses wanting to improve their monitoring systems for better environmental credentials. It is essential that fixed instruments used for gas monitoring are robust. This includes being able to withstand extreme temperatures and humidity, requiring limited maintenance, and having accurate alert and monitoring capabilities.

ION Science offers a range of fixed gas detection instruments, all of which utilize the award-winning PID (photoionization detection) sensors developed by ION Science. While they all measure different VOCs (volatile organic compounds), the fixed instruments offered are robust, stress tested, and developed with advanced technology to help deliver accurate monitoring no matter what the environment or industry.

The Falco Fixed VOC Gas Detector offers the very latest in fixed PID monitoring. Featuring Typhoon Technology, this instrument prevents condensation from forming on the sensor, eliminating false readings where other competing fixed monitors fail. Competing technology fails when condensation shorts out their electrodes, which in turn leads to false readings. Whether the Falco is installed inside or out, it is built to withstand harsh weather, wet conditions and extreme temperatures. It can operate in a wide temperature range of -40 to 122°F, 0-100 % RH and condensing humidity. Bringing further added value, to ensure the complete accuracy of the data.

For applications where the end-user specifically monitors benzene, ION Science has developed the innovative Titan. This intrinsically safe fixed PID instrument was a world first and remains the benchmark in Titan-specific continuous monitoring. Featuring a 10.6 eV lamp, it is ideal for use on manufacturing sites where the risk of benzene exposure risk is high, such as in oil refineries and chemical plants. The Titan offers continuous real-time data feedback of VOC concentrations in the air, taking samples every minute to an accuracy of 0.1ppm or +10%, whichever is greater. It too can operate at 0-100 % RH and has internal heating to stabilize the sensor within difficult environments. Given the serious risk benzene poses to worker health and nature, having reliable, accurate monitoring and detection with the Titan is essential.

When it comes to fenceline monitoring, ION Science’s TVOC 2 fixed continuous VOC gas detector is a great solution for sitewide solutions. A slightly more basic model than the Falco and Titan, the TVOC 2 is still a highly dependable and reliable PID detector. Designed to offer straightforward monitoring solutions in a range of harsh environments, the TVOC 2 can operate from -4 to 122°F, 0-95 % RH (non-condensing) and also features our anti-contamination design.

Monitoring of industrial pollutants and VOCs will be a field that only continues to grow in importance as more pressure on emissions monitoring grows. Businesses that invest in technology from ION Science now will not only be compliant with current emission laws but will be prepared for future change.

Choose fixed gas instruments you can rely on no matter what, with the range from ION Science. Beyond fixed gas detection solutions, ION Science offers portable and personal detectors that meet rigorous requirements and standards set to ensure optimum safety. To learn more information about products offered by ION Science for gas and leak detection, view our products page. For more information about fixed gas detection systems mentioned in this article or for your application, or other detection inquiries and question you mya have for us, contact ION Science today.


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