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Saurus939®. Unique in reliability, performance and consumption.

Saurus939® has all the Italvacuum experience, a vacuum pump that guarantees unrivalled performance in all the main chemical and pharmaceutical processes, ensuring total recovery of extracted solvents, even in severe operating conditions.

A simply designed machine, which combines traditional robustness and reliability with the most evolved technology.

Saurus939® has always been the core business of Italvacuum, one of the leading manufacturers of vacuum pumps as well as a worldwide reference point in the design and manufacture of vacuum dryers.

Resistance, strength and consumption of oil virtually eliminated thanks to the innovative LubriZero® system, that guarantees perfect operation and optimum results with total respect for the environment.

Saurus939® has no fear of aggressive and corrosive solvents, powders and condensates, nor distillation by-products. But above all it does not fear confrontation because it is designed and manufactured to work 24 hours a day with a constant excellent performance and minimum operating costs, thanks to a low-energy motor, negligible oil consumption and easy, immediate maintenance.

Powerful, efficient, but absolutely safe: Saurus939® guarantees optimum safety through the whole process and complete purity of the final product. In other words, ensures an uncontaminated vacuum.


The Saurus939® vacuum pump has a vast range of uses, as it can be used in the following sectors:

- chemicals;

- pharmaceuticals;

- cosmetics;

- oil & gas;

- plastic & rubber;

- bio-science;

- waste management.

Processes: vacuum drying, reaction, distillation, crystallization, filtration, evaporation and polymerization.

Saurus939 vacuum pump
Saurus939 vacuum pump

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