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J&R Went to Europe for A Two-week Customer Visit Trip

J&R Went to Europe for A Two-week Customer Visit Trip

J&R is delighted to share with you that our directors Kevin and Marvin were went to visit some Europe customers last month (on October).

During this two-week visiting customers trip, Kevin and Marvin have visited about 15 companies in Italy, Slovenia, Norseland, France, Belgium, Spain, Germany, and Croatia. They not only further introduce J&R’s products, service, and the trend of market development to the customers, but also have learn a lot from customers about their systems, projects, competitors, market tendency, etc. In addition, Kevin and Marvin have also discussed with the customers the direction of J&R new product development, as well as expansion functions and so on, our clients are very interested and want to expand their market with our products & experience.

This visiting customers trip have strengthened the mutual understanding & trust between J&R and our clients, and the clients also said that face-to-face meeting and chat are much better than in the email! J&R believe that this trip will be a great help for our long-term cooperation.

J&R always do our best to help our customers propel their business beyond competition with an altruistic mindset. Only in this way, we can win-win.

At 2020, J&R plan to visit more customers in Europe, and America. Are you expecting us to visit you?


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