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J&R Technology Sincerely Advice And Special Policies Under The Global Epidemic

Special Policies

The following policies have been implemented by J&R Technology to help our partners and customers overcome the COVID-19:

1. Each telephone we sell you will offer 5 complimentary masks and 5 pairs of disposable gloves.

2. J&R Technology can assist you in purchasing essential items in the early stages of resumption of work, such as masks, goggles, hand cleaners, gloves, infrared thermometers, etc.

3. If you need anything in your daily necessities, we could try our best to meet your needs.

JR Technology sincerely hopes that everyone can face up to the epidemic and take precautions. Considering the epidemic situation, we would like to propose you to stay at home as long as your city has been affected. You must wear a mask and keep a distance from others, if you need to go out.

From now on, the WHO and China’s national health commission have confirmed human-to-human transmission of the virus. Generally speaking, infection with COVID-19 usually has symptoms like fever, cough, shortness of breath and dyspnea, etc. However, there are also asymptomatic patient at the pre-infective phase, due to the virus incubation period which is generally 14 to 28 days. Therefore, those who are infected but asymptomatic may have developed a A-B-C-2B transmission chain. (A refers to the contact person in the patient's residence; B means uninformed contacts during the journey; C is the contact person at the destination; 2B is a person infected by B. ). That is also an important reason why the epidemic spread so fast.

On January 10th, for example, a woman returned from the city A to the city B, without any symptoms, but five of her relatives one after another were diagnosed with COVID-19 after 17 days.

In China, some people around us once did not attach importance to precautions and protection. So our local governments have produced a lot of approachable slogans to remind people to pay attention to the epidemic and strengthen pretention awareness.

Although we are not able to avoid this unexpected epidemic, we do not have to panic too much. Only if we have all taken it seriously and followed the government's instructions to contain the spread of the virus, it will eventually go away.

J&R Technology sincerely wish everyone can tide over this period safe and sound.


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