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Janome’s large programming capacity just got bigger

Janome Industrial Equipment
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Do you need to tighten several screws at different heights in the same program? Do you have two screw sizes on the same workpiece? How about a robot that can dispense on dozens of customized workpieces, changing from program to program on a daily, hourly, or even project-to-project basis? The multi-functional Janome JR3000 Series Desktop Robot and JC-3 Series Cartesian Robot have the flexibility and memory capacity you need.

Both the JR3000 and the JC-3 have an expanded programming capacity of 999 programs/32,000 points. Teach several complex programs to one robot and changeover from one program to another simply by changing program number. Please contact us to find out more about how our robots can help your manufacturing processes.

Janome’s large programming capacity just got bigger

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