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Janome Robot Dispenses Evenly on a Rounded Surface

Janome Industrial Equipment Europe
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Workpiece gradations don’t even slow us down!

A customer asked if we could help them correct sloppy, inconsistent dispensing that came from using the same Z axis height over a workpiece with sharp gradations.

We were happy to accept the challenge, and offered them the JR3000 Series Desktop Robot as a solution. As shown in the attached video demonstration, micro-step control and constant Z height adjustment of the JR3000 allow for smooth movement even over a round surface. Instead of maintaining a fixed Z axis height, the robot maintains a fixed Z distance from the surface of the workpiece, allowing the marker to draw straight and curved lines evenly on the workpieces.

Please contact Janome with your assembly needs. We’ll work with you to develop a solution!

Janome JR3000 Series Benchtop Robot
Janome JR3000 Series Benchtop Robot

Janome JR3000 Series 3 or 4 Axes Robot

Includes an optional 5th axis which rotates the worktable to bring each workpiece into position.

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