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Janome Robots and OHTAKE Screw Feeders make a great team!

Janome Industrial Equipment Europe
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Steady NSR/NSRI feeders keep those screws coming for robot screw tightening

Having trouble with tiny screws? They are easy to lose, hard to tighten manually, but essential to your assembly process. At Janome, the OHTAKE NSR and NSRI automatic screw feeders are faithful friends. Dependable, quick and small enough to fit on a Janome Desktop Robot or under a Janome Cartesian Robot, we leave the important job of supplying screws to them. The OHTAKE NSR and NSRI feeders supply screws in a straight line along an interchangeable rail to smoothly bring each screw to the pickup point. The NSRI even features a rotary escaper to further ensure stable screw pickup. The screwdriver attached to the Z Axis of the Janome robot picks up the screw which the robot delivers to the programmed screw hole, takes it to the tightening position and tightens it down. No mistakes, no delays. If the feeder runs out of screws, the feeder sends a signal to the robot, which in turn sounds an alarm informing the user it is time for a refill.

Please contact us if you would like more information or if you would like to test your screw tightening process with a Janome Robot and OHTAKE Feeder.

Janome Desktop Robot with OHTAKE Screw Feeder
Janome Desktop Robot with OHTAKE Screw Feeder

A JR3000 Series Desktop Robot with an electric screwdriver and an OHTAKE NSRI are the ideal screw tightening combination!

Janome Robot and OHTAKE Feeder

An OHTAKE NSRI Feeder stands ready as a Janome robot moves to pick up a screw.

OHTAKE NSR Screw Feeder Screw Hopper

The screw hopper of the NSR/NSRI feeder holds up to 80cc of screws, size M1.0 to M3.0, maximum screw length 20mm.

OHTAKE NSR Screw Feeder delivery rail and pickup point

The OHTAKE NSR feeder's interchangeable rail system delivers screws in a straight line for easy pickup by the Janome robot.

OHTAKE NSRI Screw Feeder Rotary Indexer

The NSRI feeder uses a rotary indexer for additional stability. This is helpful when delivering tiny M1.0 and M1.2 screws to a Janome robot.

Janome JC-3 Cartesian Robot and OHTAKE NSRI Screw Feeder

The NSRI feeder quickly delivers screws to the JC-3 robot for easy pickup during screw tightening operations.

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