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Bigger and Better: the Janome JP Series 5 Electro Press

Janome Industrial Equipment Europe
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Janome’s servo press lineup has four new sizes!

Janome’s new model servo press, the JP Series 5 is now available in four larger sizes: 20kN, 30kN, 50kN and 80kN, all with the same features and functions available with the smaller 500N to 10kN models.

Do you need direct teaching? A multi-lingual teaching pendant is available.

How about sensor functions for quality control? The JP Series 5 uses a built-in encoder and built-in load cell for position and load detection for more than 20 different sensor functions, including various pressing step sensors, zone sensors and load path sensors which allow you to track the load curve at key points in your pressing process.

How about PC Software? Our dedicated JP TaS II PC software helps you teach, run and monitor the press, with result data acquisition, and result sorting and reporting functions.

Janome JP Series 5 Larger Capacity Servo Presses
Janome JP Series 5 Larger Capacity Servo Presses

Available in a variety of stroke lengths, the JP Series 5 Servo Press is ideal for press fitting, riveting, swaging, forming, coining, punching, bending, drawing and more.

JP Series 5 Press Unit, Controller, optional Teaching Pendant and optional switchbox.

The JP Series 5 Controller comes in both regular and compact sizes.

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