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Janome Servo Press Application Video: Bearing Cap Swaging

Janome Industrial Equipment Europe
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Janome servo presses swage bearing caps while protecting work from excessive loads

In this demonstration video, a Janome servo press swages a bearing cap to a programmed target position. The press also monitors the ram load closely, and is programmed to stop if the built-in load cell detects an excessive load, protecting the workpiece from damage. In this example, the press ram must stop at a programmed end position. If it does not, the press reports an NG (NOK) result.

Electrically-powered Janome servo presses are used in a wide range of industries, including the automotive, aerospace, consumer electronics, medical and more. Please contact Janome to learn more about what our servo presses can do for your assembly process.

Janome’s flagship model JP Series 5 servo press
Janome’s flagship model JP Series 5 servo press

Janome JP-S Series slim and compact inline servo press

Two examples of the Janome JP-4 Series column type servo press

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