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Janome Servo Press Application Video: Perforation

Janome Industrial Equipment Europe
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High precision Janome servo presses cleanly perforate plastic sheets

In this demonstration video, a Janome Servo Press with a cutting tool attached to the ram tip perforates, or “half cuts”, a plastic blister package sheet such as those used for medicinal pills and capsules. The high repeatability Janome press stops at the preset stop position while the sensors made a check of the load at the moment the ram stops moving. With the perforation cut, the goal is to make a clean cut partway through the plastic. If the end load is too low, the cutter blades did not go through far enough to make an effective perforation. Any work that fails these checks is NG (NOK) and the press signals the results to the operator.

Electrically-powered Janome servo presses are used in a wide range of industries, including the automotive, aerospace, consumer electronics, medical and more. Please contact Janome to learn more about what our servo presses can do in your assembly process.

Janome’s flagship model JP Series 5 servo press
Janome’s flagship model JP Series 5 servo press

Janome JP-S Series slim and compact inline servo press

Two examples of the Janome JP-4 Series column type servo press

High precision Janome servo presses are useful for perforating blister package sheets like these.


In this video, the blister package sheets with the pills inside are perforated by the Janome press. A cutting blade is attached to the ram tip. The ram descends, partially cutting the plastic, stopping at the set position.

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