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Janome Servo Press Application Video: Forming

Janome Industrial Equipment Europe
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Janome servo presses harden powders into solid shapes

In this demonstration video, a Janome Servo Press with a molding tool attached to the ram tip press forms cosmetic powder into a disk shape for insertion into a pocket compact case. The high repeatability Janome press presses at a fixed load value for a set period of time, forming the powder to the correct thickness and shape.

Electrically-powered Janome servo presses are used in a wide range of industries, including the automotive, aerospace, consumer electronics, medical and more. Please contact Janome to learn more about what our servo presses can do for your assembly process.

Janome’s flagship model JP Series 5 servo press
Janome’s flagship model JP Series 5 servo press

Janome JP-S Series slim and compact inline servo press

Two examples of the Janome JP-4 Series column type servo press

In this video, the high precision Janome press compresses the powder into a disk shape.

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