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Janome JS3 Series SCARA Robot is a pick-and-place specialist!

Janome Industrial Equipment Europe
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Dedicated pick & place software makes programming simple.

The JS3 Series, Janome’s new model servomotor-driven SCARA robot is available as a pick-and-place model, with specialized pick-and-place operation point types included in the robot’s system firmware, and dedicated operation icons in our optional PC software. Just click on the icons from your PC or select the operation names on the optional teaching pendant to set pick-and-place operation points at the positions you specify with no need to learn or write a complicated programming language.

Janome JS3 Series SCARA Robot
Janome JS3 Series SCARA Robot


With dedicated hand control I/O and built-in wiring and air tubing for a hand or pneumatic gripper, the Janome JS Series Pick and Place Model SCARA Robot is specially designed for workpiece transport.


JR C-Points II, Janome’s dedicated PC software features specialized Pick & Place Point types. Click on the convenient point type icons to add points to programs.


The JS3 is controllable via PC, our dedicated Teaching Pendant, or via PLC for line installation. 6 different Field Network interfacing options are available for streamlined integration.


In this video, a Janome JS3 Series Pick & Place Model SCARA Robot picks sample workpieces from three different pallets and places them in a pre-programmed order on one destination pallet.

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