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Heroic precision – Accurate to 0.35 seconds of arc

Hollow-shaft rotational table equipped with two measuring heads for high-precision positioning in automation

A rotary table rotates in a clocked rhythm and positions an assembly at an exactly defined angle. The requirements for accuracy and dynamics are extremely high in this scenario.

To meet the specifications, measuring systems integrated into bearings or externally mounted measuring systems with an enormously precise bearing arrangement, such as air bearings, have hitherto been used. Both are cost-intensive options.

By using an incremental measuring system from Renishaw and an additional measuring head in the HRT-290 hollow-shaft rotational table, reproducibility has been increased 10-fold to ±0.35 seconds of arc. The JAT servo amplifiers process the internal signals of the two measuring heads. The machine builder does not require additional electronics to simultaneously evaluate the two Renishaw TONiC read heads, thus saving costs.

With 90° in 150 milliseconds at a maximum torque of 430 Newton metres, the rotary table from JAT is ideal for highly dynamic positioning.

The hollow-shaft rotational table is parametrised with the appropriate servo amplifier and delivered ready-to-connect as a complete plug & play positioning system.

On the SPS smart production solution, visitors and interested parties can learn about the high-precision rotary table systems and other application-specific motion systems first-hand at stand 4-358 in Hall 4.


  • Jena, Germany
  • JAT - Jenaer Antriebstechnik GmbH