Intel and JHCTECH Jointly Create ETC Solutions Based on Intel® Architecture

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Intel has been working closely with partners including JHCTECH to achieve the tight integration of software and hardware, and the rapid deployment of ETC IPC products.

These products can be widely used in different scenarios such as the Province-Border Gantry Stations, Non- Border Gantry Stations, and Non-Gantry Stations (including ETC Lanes and ETC/MTC Mixed Lanes) at the entrance and exit of expressways.

These ETC IPC products comply with the strict Chinese and overseas industrial standards and specifications. They all use the reinforced fanfree

design, can work in a wide temperature range from -35°C to +70°C, and have the extreme reliability of dust-proof, corrosion-resistant, anti-shock and anti-electromagnetic-interference, and can operate stably under the harsh environmental conditions.

Industrial PC Design for ETC System
Industrial PC Design for ETC System

ETC system is playing an important role in the ITS industry, while the ever-increasing scenarios and requirements bring new challenges to the subsystems such as IPCs, toll station servers, and control center servers. We will work with JHCTECH and other partners to provide solutions for the terminal, edge, and cloud through Intel’s rich portfolio of products. These solutions will meet the needs of various workloads such as the data processing, lane equipment control, system analysis, and computer vision processing. Intel will actively empower the innovation of ITS. Dr. Wei Chen General Manager of Intel IoT Business Group China VP of Intel Corporation

Models, application scenarios and technical parameters of ETC IPC products

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