What are the application fields of fiber-electric slip rings

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In some electromechanical systems, while transmitting and transmitting large capacity data, it is also necessary to transmit electric power, medium and low frequency electric signals, etc.

The traditional electric slip ring can not meet the requirements of transmitting a variety of signals. In order to meet the requirements of mechanical equipment, it is necessary to combine the fiber optic rotaty joint (FORJ) and the electric slip ring through structural optimization to ensure the synchronous rotation of the FORJ and the electric slip ring. So what are the specific application areas of the fiber-electric slip ring?

Its mainly application fields as below:

1. Industrial Machines: Drilling platform, winding machine, end face processing machine, hot rolling machine

2. rotating table: winding machine, filling machine, blowing machine, amusement equipment

3. Cable reel: port machinery, lifting and lifting equipment, road and bridge machinery, tower

4. Test equipment: centrifugal test bench, separator, test instrument machine

5. Robot: packaging equipment, stacking machine, process control equipment, molding machine

6. Exhibition/display equipment: car booth, revolving door, product booth, revolving restaurant

7. Medical equipment: shadowless surgical lights, helicopters, radar communications equipment

In short, the function of the slip ring is not single, but in some application fields, the fiber-electric slip ring is required to use optical fiber as the data transmission medium to transmit photoelectric signals between the relatively rotating components. The photoelectric signal is used to transmit data and signals through modulation and demodulation. JINPAT FORJ can be combined with other slip rings to form a multi-media slip ring, such as a photo-electric slip ring, a photoelectric liquid slip ring, to expand more functions to meet more different application requirements.

Fiber-electric slip rings
Fiber-electric slip rings

Application fields of fiber-electric slip rings

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