JINPAT Slip Rings for Security Monitoring

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Slip ring is an electro-mechanical component that can transmit current and data signals from the fixture to a rotating device.

It is also called a conductive slip ring, an electric slip ring, a collector ring, a rotating electrical joint or an electric rotating head.

In order to work smoothly and avoid wire winding problems, security monitoring systems usually use slip rings to improve system performance, simplify the system structure, and avoid sprains caused by the wire during rotation. JINPAT security monitoring slip ring can be divided into high-definition slip ring, high-speed slip ring, SDI slip ring. As an important key component of the operation of the security monitoring system, JINPAT slip ring ensures data transmission under 360° uninterrupted high-speed rotation with no loss on data integrity and transmission speed.

JINPAT's LPM series, LPC series, and LPT series security monitoring special slip ring can meet customers' transmission of Gigabit Ethernet signals and integrate USB, HDMI, SDI and other signals. The SDI signal rate can reach 1.5Gb/s, which is used to transmit high-definition video signals such as 720P and 1080P, and the transmission rate can reach 5Gbps/ 5GHZ or higher.

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Slip Rings
Slip Rings

Slip Rings for Security Monitoring

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