New Technology Breakthrough: Changeable Long-Life Slip Ring

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In the slip ring industry, the performance and life of slip ring are important indicators for measuring slip ring technology.

The conventional slip ring structure is a non-detachable structure or a maintenance-free product during the life span. If the slip ring is abnormally damaged, it should be scrapped and replaced as a whole, with a long maintenance period, time-consuming and labor-intensive costs.

In response to this problem, JINPAT has specially developed a fast-changing ultra-long-life slip ring, which is the first in the industry.

The vulnerable parts of the new slip ring adopt modular design. The scientific structure design can easily disassemble and install the slip ring without disassembling the entire casing, and quickly replace and maintain the inner parts. The theoretical life is greatly extended. Meet the needs of special high-end markets.

Preliminary test data show that in normal temperature environment, the conversion life can be at least 20 years.

Slip Ring
Slip Ring

Changeable Long-Life Slip Ring

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