JINPAT Teaches You How to Choose Slip Rings

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Slip rings are usually installed in the center of rotation of the equipment and are divided into two parts: rotating and stationary.

The slip ring is used as the connection part of the rotating part. If it is not selected properly, it will cause the equipment fail to operate normally or run into obstacles and damage the equipment. So choosing a suitable slip ring is very important.

First of all, JINPAT will determine the installation method according to the equipment, whether it is flange installation or through-hole installation.

Then, JINPAT will determine the size of the slip ring according to other parameters provided by the customer, such as: the number of circuits, the current, the voltage level, and whether the signal is a special signal. Some special signals: low-intensity messages such as acoustic, optical, or electrical signals. These signals are small and weak, and are not easily received, felt, or received by the device. At this time, we can't adopt ordinary design, we need to design for the characteristics of weak signals to ensure the stability of signal transmission and the timeliness of reception.

Speed, we all know that during the rotation of any equipment, a centrifugal force will be generated. When the centrifugal force exceeds a certain range, it will cause great damage to the product during the rotation. Therefore, it is necessary to help customers understand and determine the required maximum speed. We will special design high-speed products to ensure that slip rings can also be used normally at the highest speed.

Slip rings are used more and more widely, and the use environment is more diversified. The using environment should be taken into consideration at the beginning of the design. When asking the customer about the use environment, the storage temperature must also be taken into account. When the slip ring is protected, we will reflect it in the product design to ensure that the use of the slip ring will not be affected by external influences.

Slip Rings
Slip Rings

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