JINPAT HDMI High-Definition Video Slip Ring in the VR Head-Mounted Display

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The VR slip ring integrates HDMI, USB, DC/AC power supply and other signals.

The mainstream VR head-mounted display requires a data cable to be connected to the computer host, such as HTC VIVE, whose data cable includes an HDMI data cable, a USB data cable and a DC power cable.

JINPAT Electronics has rich experience in R&D and design of mid-to-high-end slip rings. When designing HDMI high-definition VR slip rings, it has undergone special impedance matching to make the slip ring as much as possible consistent with the characteristics of the HDMI transmission line during the rotation. The characteristic impedance of the slip ring is very close to the differential impedance of the cable itself, which is 100Ω. Based on the corresponding theoretical calculations and actual needs, the HDMI high-definition slip ring independently developed by JINPAT has a small insertion loss and a transmission rate of 18Gbps, which can simultaneously transmit audio and video signals stably under 360° rotation.

JINPAT VR Slip Ring Mainly adopted the following points:

1. Detailed impedance matching design.

2. The design method of combined slip ring, HDMI uses a smaller slip ring, and other signals are combined with it.

3. The specially designed high temperature resistant HDMI cable reduces solder joints and increases signal transmission quality.

Slip Ring
Slip Ring

JINPAT HDMI High-Definition Video Slip Ring

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