JINPAT Slip Ring Rotates Ads in Rotating Screen

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JINPAT slip ring plays a key role in LED rotating advertising screen

JINPAT slip ring greatly improves the functional grade and appearance decoration effect of the display screen. At the same time, the high-tech product with artistic temperament will instantly attract your attention and enhance the advertisement. Creativity brings greater commercial value.

>>>Models: JINPAT slip ring model LPT092-0425-1601-02E3

1) inner diameter of 92mm

2) 2 groups *1000M Ethernet cable

3) 16 data line , the 16 line is just for data, 1A each.

4) 4 power line 25 A , 48v dc and 220v AC, but keep 25A just for safety reasons.

5) RPM( Rotations per minute)

working speed : 20 RPM

Max working speed: 40 RPM


360-degree rotation smoothly

No wire and signal wire winding problems under any circumstances.

Transmit data for LCD monitor.

Welcome any questions about JINPAT slip ring.

Slip Ring
Slip Ring

JINPAT Slip Ring Rotates Ads in Rotating Screen

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