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Happy Thanksgiving -Grateful To All Of You!

Happy Thanksgiving -Grateful To All Of You!

Did you say "Happy Thanksgiving! Thank you" to your relatives、 friends、customers、etc .: ?

We‘re grateful to our parents, because they brought us to this world, who let us appreciate the various scenery in this world, and thanks our parent's hard work, who let us grow up safely and healthily.

Now that we're all grown up, but our parents are old, have you ever disliked their long-winded when they were by your side? children who work in a foreign country rarely go back to see their parents, so when they call us whether you busy with work so hung up the phone?

When we were young, our parents always took our hands move forward step by step. Now, it is also us that we clenched their hands and slowly accompanied them. Thanks parents for their unreserved efforts!

Thanks to our friends who are accompanying us all the way to make our life journey more colorful!

That time we played together, and ran together, we believe we will all remember that time. Thanks friends, thank you for going crazy with us.

Thanks to our customers for their trust and support of company over the years, thank you for using our handsets and cradles all over the world!


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