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Introduction of Joiwo weather proof telephones

Introduction of Joiwo outdoor weather resistant telephones

At present, Joiwo's industrial waterproof telephones include analog telephones and IP telephones. The analog telephones include JWAT306, JWAT304, etc., and the IP telephones include JWAT905, JWAT907, etc. Some vandal resistant telephones are also equipped with warning lights and loudspeakers, such as JWAT303 telephone and JWAT307 telephone.

According to the material, our waterproof telephones shells can be divided into three types: carbon steel shells , aluminum alloy shells , and engineering plastics shells.

Our JWAT304 telephone shell is made of engineering plastics, which has good waterproof and dust proof performance, and strong corrosion resistance. In addition, the text on the keyboard of this telephone is shaped by secondary injection molding, so the text will not fall off or fade when used.

Our JWAT303 telephone shell is made of aluminum alloy, and the shell of the telephone is die-cast, with high mechanical strength and good impact resistance. The surface of the shell is statically sprayed with plastic, with strong antistatic ability and eye-catching color. In addition, the keyboard of this telephone is composed of SUS304 stainless steel panel and high-quality zinc alloy keys, which has good explosion-proof, corrosion-resistant and waterproof properties.

Our JWAT907 telephone shell is made of carbon steel, and the surface of carbon steel is statically sprayed with plastic, which has high mechanical strength and good impact resistance. The telephone is an auto-dial phone without a keypad.

Our waterproof telephone handle shells are made of special explosion-proof PC/ABS engineering plastics; one-piece structure, good flame retardant , and will not burst at minus 40 degrees Celsius

Our rugged industrial waterproof telephones are suitable for use in subways, pipe corridors, tunnels, docks, highways, and power plants that have special requirements for moisture-proof, fire-proof, moisture-proof, dust-proof, and freeze-proof, and are suitable for places with high noise.

Are you looking for a robust vandal resistant waterproof telephone to suit your needs?

Ningbo Joiwo explosion-proof warmly welcomes your inquiries. With professional R&D and many years of experienced engineers, we can also tailor our solutions to meet your specific business needs.


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