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Superior Manufacturing Group joins a larger family, Checkers Industrial Safety Products

Notrax - Superior Manufacturing Group
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Superior Manufacturing Group Inc, a company owned by the Wood family since its founding in 1948, is excited to announce the sale of its ownership to Checkers Industrial Safety Products, manufacturers of niche industrial safety products, such as cable management systems, ground protection and other safety products.

Superior Manufacturing Group Inc. is one of the world's largest integrated manufacturers of anti-fatigue, commercial entrance matting and food services matting products for professional use, sold under their globally recognized brand names Notrax®, AKRO, APEX, and HomeTrax Designs. With its corporate headquarters in Chicago, Superior Manufacturing Group. has US manufacturing facilities in Illinois, Georgia, Mississippi, Rhode Island and in Barendrecht, The Netherlands.

Checkers Industrial manufactures a variety of safety products including ground protection mats, cable management systems, wheel chocks, safety lights, and warning whips. The company has developed products that meet and exceed safety standards and has a leading position in its respective end markets.

“As market leaders in our segments, we have similar mind-sets in how we approach the market of industrial safety products, through a trusted and extensive global distributor network. Our belief in strong customer and supplier relationships is the foundation of our business. We have joined a larger family with brands that strive for excellence in the safety industry,” said Rene Vieveen, Executive Vice President & Managing Director Superior USA/EU.

“Our commitment is to make quality products and to continue looking for innovative ways of serving our customers. By joining forces, we will expand our knowledge base of materials and production techniques and be able to apply these best practices across all of our manufacturing and logistics facilities. Our complementary products allow us to capitalize on the synergy in our “go-to-market” approach, which is primarily through distribution, as well as develop new markets with our global distribution partners.”

The economies of scale will allow us to expand our product ranges while maintaining our high levels of service to our distributors. We are committed to maintaining our promises to our distributors of having our products in stock in our facilities to meet our customer’s needs and to operate our manufacturing facilities with LEAN manufacturing principles. As a result, we are able to process and ship our orders quickly and efficiently.

Superior Manufacturing Group joins a larger family, Checkers Industrial Safety Products

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