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Bridge Construction Works Come to a Halt Due to Poor Ground Conditions

Checkers Safety Group
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A Solution Found in Temporary Ground Protection

The final stages of a bridge construction project had to come to a halt after poor ground conditions meant that the machinery could not access the difficult site location. The job which involved placement of fill under a newly constructed bridge as support, meant the partial closure of a road and the on-site team working to a tight deadline to have the road re-opened.

The limited height under the bridge meant that special equipment in the form of a mini loader was needed to complete the works. The site was located at the bottom of a steep hill which was saturated due to recent rains, making the access muddy and slippery. Due to the mini loader’s small tracks it could not manoeuvre down the hill safely. With the road partially closed, a solution was needed quickly. The on-site team already had knowledge of the TuffTrak® product range, they were confident they could find an immediate solution.

TuffTrak® XT temporary work surface
TuffTrak® XT temporary work surface

TuffTrak® XT overlapping heavy duty mats create a temporary access platform for the work equipment and a sturdy work surface for the on-site team.

VersaMats and AlturnaMats

VersaMat® and AlturnaMat® medium duty mats were used as they are lightweight and easy to deploy under the bridge.

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