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Baffled by Bevels

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A Guide to Bevels

Baffled by Bevels?

Are you baffled by bevels? Bewildered by borders? Riled by ramps? Exasperated by edges... okay that’s enough of that BUT we understand that safety bevels, borders, edges, ramps, or whatever you may call them can be confusing as there are different types for different applications, different sizes, different colours... but do not fear young padawan, we are here to guide you in the ways of the force bevels.

Let’s break it down

Let’s start with the why. Why should you use bevels? Bevels are a smart safety solution which minimises the risks of tripping on the edge of the mat. These incline edges are available in a variety of colours including red, black to match the mat compound or orange and yellow for extra visibility which complies with OHSA code 1910-144 and can be used to mark out areas around machinery where care needs to be taken.

The Types

There are a few different types of bevels which we have created to ensure that you can get the best out of your products. Our bevels are designed to enhance the safety of our mats, further reducing the risk of slips and trips. We have bevels for general use, use in wet or greasy areas, small ones, large ones, heavy duty ones, and different coloured ones. Confused? Hopefully, we are about to change that.

Nitrile rubber bevels: All of our bevels are made from 100% nitrile rubber best suited for heavier duty applications and are resistant to most industrial oils.

PVC Bevels: Some of our products namely the 620 Diamond Flex Lok™ and the 621 Diamond Flex Lok™ Solid both use larger heavy duty PVC bevels which are 15cm wide and 30cm long. These bevels eliminate trip hazards and allow easier access onto the mat.

Extra Large Bevels: The newest addition to our product range is the 552 MD Extended Safety Ramp System™ Nitrile heavy duty bevels which are compatible with both the CushionEase™ and SafetyStance™ Custom range. These bevels are 15cm wide and 91cm long and have been designed to provide easier access on and off the mat for things such as carts or trolleys. Their 100% nitrile rubber compound also ensures that these bevels are resistant to most oils making them perfect for heavier duty applications.

Curved Bevels: We have special bevels for use with our SkywalkerHD i-Curve™ and SkywalkerHD o-Curve™ range which are curved. These curved bevels mean that you can easily create 90 degree outer or inner corners depending on your requirements.

Customization Options

As with our matting, our bevels can be fully customised and can be easily cut to size depending on your requirements.

Installing your Bevels

It couldn’t be easier to install your bevels as they can very simply be connected by hand or glued together to create a more secure working platform.

Bevels can be installed in just a few simple steps.

Step 1 - What you will need

1. Notrax® glue

2. A bevel

3. Sharp knife

4. A mat

Step 2 - Cutting the bevel

Our bevels are marked cutting lines so that you can easily and confidentially cut your bevels to your required sizes. Before cutting your bevel, you should line it up against the mat so that you can mark out where you need to cut it. Once you have marked out where the cut needs to be made, take your knife and carefully cut where you need to.

Step 3 – Glueing the bevel to the mat

Apply the glue directly onto the bevel and align it with the mat, once it’s in position press firmly along the edges to ensure that the bevel is securely attached to the mat. Wipe any excess glue residue from the bevel and mat.

Done! Pretty easy, right?

If you’d like more information about the wide range of products we have available, please visit our website or contact us to find out more about how we can provide the perfect matting solution for you.

Still baffled? We have a large range of standard size products with moulded bevels.

Baffled by Bevels?
Baffled by Bevels?

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