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Notrax® 570 De-Flex™ - A State of Balance

The 570 De-Flex™ is the newest Notrax® innovation – a 45 cm x 45 cm rubber tile that hits the right balance of comfort, safety and flexibility. The De-Flex name reflects the contradiction in terms of the challenges that needed to be overcome in the

As with any new Notrax® innovation – the premise for the new product design is clear: maximizing the level of comfort and safety for standing workers. In order to bring a truly new innovation to the market, we accepted the challenge to design our bestselling product, the 479 Cushion Trax®, into a modular and flexible solution for extreme industrial workstation applications.

To make it bigger, we made it smaller

In order to surpass the maximum width of the 479 Cushion Trax® of 152 cm wide, we made the 570 De-Flex™ a 45 cm x 45 cm modular rubber tile so that it can be easily assembled for coverage of large areas, around corners and long aisle solutions.

To make it heavier, we made it lighter

Although the overall weight of 16 kg/m² is almost triple compared to 5.5 kg/m² of the 479 Cushion Trax®, the 45 cm x 45 cm tiles are easy to handle weighing in at just 3.3 kg per tile.

To make it softer, we made it harder

144 hard bulleted domes beneath the surface force the mat to continually bend and “flex” with every movement enhanced even more by the natural resilience and “deflection” of the rubber compound.

To create a single universal locking system, we designed a double locking system

The first seamless universal interlocking system simplifies installation yet the double-lock technique is extremely strong and will hold even in the most difficult conditions.

To make it specialized, we made 6 variations

Available in a range of specialized rubber compounds for general purpose applications, resistance to industrial oils, ESD static dissipative and fire retardant applications. Also available with Grip Step® II for extremely slippery areas.

The result is an extremely comfortable heavy duty anti-fatigue matting system with popular diamond plate traction surface that can be easily assembled for coverage of large areas or individual workstation mats. The 570 De-Flex™ is in essence equal opposing forces creating a perfect state of balance.

570 De-Flex™ Industrial Anti-Fatigue Mat


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