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Kawasaki Robotics
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Kawasaki Robot presents Y Series robots, which can handle up to 3 kg of payload. They have IP65 protection. They offer fast acceleration and high speeds which play a key role in reaching cycle times of up to 200 picks per minute. The YS002N model provides movement of 25mm/305mm/25mm.

Due to the high accuracy and stability, YS002N achieves a position repeatability of 0,04 mm and 0,1°.

They provide high flexibility with 2 Ethernet and 2 USB ports. This enables adaptation to vision systems, intelligent grippers and other systems. The YF003N model also provides an optional 5th axis.

For production of YF003N, lubricants with food specification are used. This makes it suitable for a variety of applications, including food industry.

»Simple and friendly«   INTO THE FUTURE

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