NEW: water disinfection unit by Kemisan Klor-Alkali A.Ş

Kemisan Klor-Alkali A.Ş
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Using the salt, water and electricity, produces sodium hypochlorite in any required amount and place where is necessary. Except the standard models e.g. JT series, HD series are produced for heavy-use to work with raw salt efficiently without known systems.

• The sodium hypochlorite that is produced is at low pH 8,5 value and it features effectiveness at least 10 times than concentrated hypochlorite;

• Low dosing reduces harmful compounds produced from gas chlorine-water disinfection;

• Thanks to the product Hypochlorite, low dosing and low residual chlorine are sufficient.

• Clorel hypochlorite oxidizing capacity for iron, manganese, arsenic is higher than the gas

chlorine and concentrated hypochlorite.

• Hypochlorite that is produced at low concentration remains intact during the storage;

• Low consumed salt and electricity provide cost effective production;

• It is not classified in dangerous products category so no need to take the precautionary measures;

• Developed for big-size, drinking water and waste water treatment plants.

NEW: water disinfection unit by Kemisan Klor-Alkali A.Ş

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