Directly controlled fluid isolation solenoid valve with NW 3.5

Kendrion Kuhnke Automation GmbH
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The new fluid isolation solenoid valve from Kendrion allows the control of high flow rates (air, gases, steam, fluids) with minimum energy consumption. It is especially suited for the easy distribution and dosing of highly viscous and/or highly adhesive process media.

The new directly controlled fluid isolation solenoid valve not only offers the basic advantage that all mechanical components are outside the area which is in direct contact with the process media. It also offers easy pneumatic operation at high switching speeds. This makes it the perfect choice for applications requiring higher speeds than a pneumatically pre-controlled valve is able to offer. It also matches all situations where energy and space savings are an issue.

Kendrion has developed this fluid isolation solenoid valve in a pressure equalized design in order to keep the energy consumption at high flow rates as low as possible. With a nominal width of 3.5 mm the 3/2-way and 2/2-way valves from Kendrion are able to handle pressures up to 8 bar (116 psi, 800 kPa) and flow rates of up to 350 l/min. Typical for Kendrion is the fact that the valve can be matched to individual customer requirements. Optional features include manual control and switching position indication.

Typical applications for this type of valve range from simple and fast pneumatic control functions to the control and dosage of high purity or heavily contaminated fluids, as well as gaseous, neutral or aggressive process media. Due to the use of special materials the valve is perfectly suited for the use in medical technology or industrial applications in combination with process media such as acids, alkalis, adhesives or special inks in the printing industry. Contrary to conventional diaphragm valves the separation of the process media from the drive of the valve by means of a membrane results in an extremely low influence on the temperature of the media.

Directly controlled fluid isolation solenoid valve with NW 3.5

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