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BLDC motor t-Rex 3200 I-44-47-L41 S2

Short version - focus on torque

BLDC-motor t-Rex 3200 I-44-47-L41 S2 (short version, focus rotational speed)

14-pole BLDC motor with high-performance neodymium magnets and three digital Hall sensors to detect the rotor position. The electrical connections are designed as a plug-in system. Additional power electronics are required to operate the motor. Motor design with a hollow shaft is also available upon request. This allows the cables to run through the motor or the implementation of output on both sides.

Special features

Designed with focus on rotational speed

Enormous performance density – 3 times stronger than motors of comparable size

High overload resistance

Ideally suited as direct drive, or generator for gearless applications

Special winding upon request

Design and manufacture of motor to specified operating point is possible

BLDC motor t-Rex 3200 I-44-47-L41 S2


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  • B. Ketterer Söhne GmbH & Co. KG