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Worm gear Ket-Motion 2020 D with turntable

Universally usable and maintenance-free worm gear with an axis distance of 20 mm and with nine different reduction ratios.

The aluminium or zinc housing is encapsulated to prevent the escape of grease and the ingress of dust. The worm gear pair is left-handed. The direction of rotation on the shaft is arbitrary.

Special features

Axis distance 20 mm

Maintenance-free grease lubrication

Aluminium housing, anodized or Zinc housing in a material-saving design

9 reduction ratios of 1:1 to 65:1

Backlash on the drive shaft 1° ± 0,5°

Duty cycle of 20 % at 5 min (1 min ON, 4 min OFF)

Lifetime of 1,000 hours with:

full load and

input speed of 500 rpm and

duty cycle 20% with 5 min and

ambient temperature

Variant key

The Worm gear Ket-Motion 2020 D is available in different variants. The variants are composed in accordance with the ordering code shown on the data sheet.

Technical notes

Variant with turntable: ;Permissible forces on drive side FA= 1,500 N

The positions of the feather keys as standard in variant D are not in line. Possible on enquiry if needed


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