CNC Pipe Bender Exported to Europe for Many Years

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CNC Pipe Bender Manufacured By King--Mazon

King-Mazon intelligent CNC pipe bender has been exported to Europe for many years.Aviation industry is a country's "flower of industry" and a country's strategic industry. The development of aviation industry plays an important leading role in the development of the whole equipment manufacturing industry.The level of aviation industry has become a yardstick to measure the country's comprehensive strength and scientific and technological strength, which embodies the country's industrial base and overall technical strength.It not only has an important impact on the national economy, but also determines a country's international status.Developed countries all take aviation manufacturing industry as a strategic pillar industry to develop. Aviation manufacturing industry as the foundation of its founding and maintained its leading position in global technology through a large amount of continuous investment. Therefore, the development of aviation industry in these countries and regions is inseparable from the political and financial support of local governments.With the strong support of the state, China's aviation industry has made remarkable achievements in the fields of digital design and manufacturing integration, digital management and enterprise application integration through the continuous investment in the "tenth five-year plan", "eleventh five-year plan" and "twelfth five-year plan".However, compared with the advanced aviation manufacturing enterprises in the world, there is still a huge gap, which urgently requires the country to further increase the investment of funds and enhance the independent innovation and development ability of China's aviation industry, so as to cope with the changes in the international situation and the new military reform.The intelligent numerical control pipe bending machine researched by zhejiang King-Mazon has been upgraded in the advanced technology of Europe and America, which has broken many common technical problems in the industry and successfully realized the advanced technology of intelligent process planning, three-dimensional interference simulation, online measurement and reverse compensation.Has been well received by European and American customers.Therefore, King-Mazon intelligent CNC pipe bender has been exported to Europe for many years.

130 machine
130 machine

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