Agricultural Greenhouse Remote Monitoring Solution

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Greenhouse Remote Monitoring Solution

Agricultural Greenhouse Remote Monitoring


The cultivation of crops in greenhouses has brought great convenience to our lives and has been widely promoted and applied. In seasons when it’s not suitable for plant growth, ensuring the greenhouse growth period and yield of crops is very demanding to the environmental factors of the planting environment, like temperature, humidity, illuminance, and carbon dioxide concentration, etc. In order to create a suitable growth environment for crops, agricultural production personnel need to pay attention to various environmental indicators in real time and conduct correct cultivation management.

Therefore, Kingpigeon delivers a smart agricultural greenhouse monitoring system using industrial router R40. It is able to monitor the variables in the greenhouses and help create conditions for high yield, high quality and improve efficiency for agricultural production.

Greenhouse Smart Monitoring Solution

The whole system consists three major parts: data acquisition part, data transmission part, and the data management center part. The data transmission part adopts the wireless modem R40 to upload the temperature, humidity, illumination, CO2 concentration and other collected parameters in the greenhouse to the cloud platform in real time through network. Through data monitoring and analysis, the remote monitoring system is able to remotely control the wet curtains, fans, spray and drip irrigation, internal and external sunshades, top and side windows, heaters and lights and other equipment to ensure that the greenhouse environment is most suitable for crop growth.

The Kingpigeon's 4G industrial router R40, featuring high data transmission rate, wide signal coverage, strong real-time performance, high security, low operating and maintenance costs, is used as the communications terminal to provide reliable network communications in unattended environments.

Agricultural Greenhouse Remote Monitoring
Agricultural Greenhouse Remote Monitoring

Agricultural Greenhouse Remote Monitoring,temperature monitoring

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