King Pigeon Small Battery Bank Monitoring System BMS110

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Remote battery bank monitoring IOT solutions

Main Features:

1. Collect 4 single battery voltages, each channel measure range is 0-15V,can measure total voltage of battery pack.

2. 2G/3G/4G worldwide cellular network.

3. Modbus/MQTT portocol

4. SMS/Call/Cloud/Email Alarm.

5. Wide voltage 9-60V power supply.

6. One channel supports DS18B20 / AM2301 at the same time for temperature&humidity monitoring .

7. 1USB port for PC configuration.

8. 2AIN, support 4-20mA, 0-5V at the same time,used for current


9. 2 DIN, used for anti-disassemble, flood alarm, etc.

10. 1 channel siren output

11. 1 DO(relay)

12. Support hardware watchdog

13. .Support system clock, built-in super capacitor power supply, alarm message can be checked with time stamp attached.

14. Built-in 900mah lithium battery.

15. LED indicator :1 signal indicator, 1 running indicator, 1 alarm indicator, 1 Data indicator, POWER indicator.

King Pigeon Small Battery Bank Monitoring System BMS110

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