Air blow gun with filter

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KITZ MICRO FILTER is Japanese company that is a major supplier for air filter gun in the world for use in air blow.

The feature of this product is as follows.

1) The highly efficient filter is attached at the tip of a gun.

The filter is hollow fiber membrane.

Particle retention is 0.01um.

It can make clean air.

2) Exchange of a filter is possible.

3) Made of all resin. It is lightweight and easy-to-use.

The usage of one main is removal of particle in semiconductor production ,printed wiring board production line, food production line, medical production line, cleaning of fume hood, cleaning of equipment, cleaning of case and as equipment of a clean room.

The usage of another main is removal of waterdrop after washing various things with water.

For exapmle,hospital sink, laboratory and the washing process of a case.

We think that this item can be used as an item which raises the added value of a clean room.

Air blow gun with filter

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