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New by KROHNE: OPTIBAR FC 1000 flow computer

OPTIBAR FC 1000: new flow computer completes the KROHNE differential pressure portfolio

With OPTIBAR FC 1000, KROHNE introduces a compact, high performance flow computer for volumetric flow calculation and heat quantity measurement of liquids and gases, including saturated steam and superheated steam. The device complements the extensive portfolio for differential pressure flow applications that KROHNE has been steadily expanding since 2010.

Its compliance with IAPWS-97 for water and steam calculations with condensate detection, makes this flow computer particularly useful for differential pressure (DP) flow measurement of saturated and super-heated steam. In addition, a variety of other calculation methods are available for the correction calculation of gases and liquids. For highly accurate measurements, the KROHNE flow computer provides correction of linearity errors of DP flow elements in real-time and in accordance with ISO 5167 requirements.

New by KROHNE: OPTIBAR FC 1000 flow computer


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