The new WEH Adapter TW231

KVT-Fastening GmbH
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147081New to our range and also available immediately is the WEH adapter TW231.

For the first time, pressure and vacuum testing can be carried out in flanged pipes or those with a flared internal diameter. Thanks to the housing extension, tapers in copper, aluminium or steel pipes can be bridged and reliably sealed behind the flare. Using the well-proven WEH collet chuck mechanism, the adapter can be connected in seconds, without it having to be screwed in. The self-locking grip is guaranteed to work in pipes between 9.5 mm and 22.2 mm diameter. This includes bridging pipe tolerances of up to ± 0.25 mm (specified roundness 0.25 mm). Pressure and vacuum tests can be carried out to a maximum of 70 bar (PS) and in temperatures ranging from +5 to +80 °C. Typical fields of application for the TW231 include water pipes and heating systems, heat exchangers, air-conditioning systems, compressors etc.

The new WEH Adapter TW231

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