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La Barrière Automatique launches the new turnstile LBAT 10

TURNSTILE LBAT 10, Efficient pedestrian access control intended for protection

of sensitive sites

Robust, innovative, easy to installa and 100 % French.

• Smooth passage flow in an optimal comfort

• Reliable and robust locking system for maximum longevity

• Anti-corrosion treatment that resists in hostile


• Roof with water drainage in aluminium for more protection

• Integrated lighting for more user comfort

• Intensif use, until 20 passages per minute

• Easy integration of all type of control access

• Possible use in entry only, exit only or entry/exit

Contact today our sales team : +33 (0)4 78 86 02 86 or send us an e-mail :


  • La Barrière Automatique