IO-Link: The digital future of hygienic measuring technology

Birgit Held, Head of Marketing at LABOM GmbH
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Process control technology will not be spared from the changes in digitalisation. Although the 4-20 mA current loop is still widely in use, this is increasingly being called into question. One promising alternative is the IO-Link technology.

Since its introduction in the 1950s, signalling with the 4-20 mA current loop became standard in the process control industry. Nowadays the majority of devices used in process control technology now digitally process their measurements. Despite this, when analogue transmission is needed, it leads to an inefficient series of conversions. One extremely promising approach is the IO-Link technology: IO-Link offers the range of functions of a digital interface without the complexity of a fieldbus. Originating from industrial automation, IOLink has already found broad acceptance there. Until now hygienic applications have been especially problematic, because suppliers of industrial automation did not address the demands of hygienic

processes. This problem LABOM has now solved: As an established supplier of hygienic applications in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology as well as the food sectors LABOM makes pressure and temperature transmitters with IO-Link output available.

Resistance thermometer in IO-link technology, type series GA2700, fast response, hygienic design
Resistance thermometer in IO-link technology, type series GA2700, fast response, hygienic design

The resistance thermometer GA 2700 is suitable for direct temperature measurement on tanks and piping. It comes in a compact and small design, with a measuring resistor 1 x Pt 100, 3-wire technology, class A and a circular connector M12. The advantages are high accuracy, fast response, explosion protection available, as an option classification per SIL2. It is combined with the digital transmitter for temperature with IO-Link V1.1 output signal.

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