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All-in-one Magnetizer, Demagnetizer + Treating

The i Mag™ MicroCal Magnetizer is equipped with a touchscreen HMI panel that allows the user to set up the necessary parameters and track the status of a process. With precision control options and high accuracy, i Mag™ MicroCal is a frequent choice for both industrial production and lab research.


All-in-one magnetization and demagnetization, as well as treating

Ability to measure magnetization/demagnetization by means of the fluxmeter or any other RS232 interfaced instrument, such as gaussmeters, dynamometer, etc.

Wide range of capacitance and voltage, either low voltage/high capacitance (for wider pulse) or high voltage/low capacitance (short pulse width)

Ideally suited for mass production and research labs

Remote service (via LAN or SIM)

Compact size

i Mag™ Microcal magnetizer
i Mag™ Microcal magnetizer

Magnetizer, Demagnetizer + Treating

i Mag™ Microcal magnetizer

Magnetizer, Demagnetizer + Treating

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